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Parmesan cheese tour? yes please

Food tourism in Italy

Is there any country in the whole Europe with more personality and charm than Italy? This Mediterranean country has earned its place as one of the top touristic destinations, with millions visiting every year, coming from all corners of the world. It has everything a traveler could ask for. Thousands of years of history, monuments and pieces of fine arts left and right and the most amazing museums you can find. Breathtaking sceneries and beautiful sights wherever you go, the Mediterranean sea, winding alleys and historic houses that shine under the sun. Modern cities buzzing with activities, thousands of things to do here and there. Charming and energetic people who are experts in enjoying life and living it up to the fullest. And of course, some of the best food and drinks you can find in the entire world.

Italian cuisine is famous for good reason; its local products and recipes are unique, tasty and extremely healthy. The Italians can teach us a lot about how to enjoy life with our family and friends sharing exquisite food and merry tables. So why not take some days off and fly all the way to Italy? It will change your life for the better, and you will enjoy every single minute you are there. Read More...

Travel and Leisure

Travelling for fun

People move from one place to another for a large number of reasons, and in their lifespan they can travel for many different motives. A school trip in their teens, then a leisure vacation here and there, travelling abroad to study something that will boost their careers or help them achieve their dreams, and then, the possibility of travelling for work will also open up for them. Each travel has its own goals and for that reason there will be different priorities and intersts. You might be interested in visiting a country’s landmark when you go to a famous nation, but that interest will be second to meeting key people and attending scheduled activities if you are abroad on a business trip. Inversely, if you are travelling around for fun and for the sake of tourism, then checking on the country’s most iconic sights and buildings will be farther upwards on your priority list.

If you are travelling for leisure, then you can consider coming to the United Kingdom. We are famous worldwide as one of the cradles of Western culture and one of the most influential nations in the modern era. Our landmarks, our sceneries and our language are known around the globe, and you can come here and see the great things that we have to offer.  Read More...

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  • Parmesan cheese tour? yes please
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