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Parmesan cheese tour? yes please

Food tourism in Italy

Is there any country in the whole Europe with more personality and charm than Italy? This Mediterranean country has earned its place as one of the top touristic destinations, with millions visiting every year, coming from all corners of the world. It has everything a traveler could ask for. Thousands of years of history, monuments and pieces of fine arts left and right and the most amazing museums you can find. Breathtaking sceneries and beautiful sights wherever you go, the Mediterranean sea, winding alleys and historic houses that shine under the sun. Modern cities buzzing with activities, thousands of things to do here and there. Charming and energetic people who are experts in enjoying life and living it up to the fullest. And of course, some of the best food and drinks you can find in the entire world.

Italian cuisine is famous for good reason; its local products and recipes are unique, tasty and extremely healthy. The Italians can teach us a lot about how to enjoy life with our family and friends sharing exquisite food and merry tables. So why not take some days off and fly all the way to Italy? It will change your life for the better, and you will enjoy every single minute you are there.

Italian cheese

Italy has many famous food products it exports to the world. Balsamic vinegar, wine, ham, and of course, one of the most renowned dishes of the country, pasta. All these unique flavours and combinations of local products have contributed to give Italy its well deserved reputation as one of the best places on Earth where to find unforgettable culinary experiences. And among these very famous products, there is, of course, Italian cheese.

Italians sure love their cheese. They add it to basically all their famous dishes; they sprinkle it on pasta, use it for their pizzas, and so on. Now, the thing about Italian cheese, is that it’s so delicious and masterfully produced that you can enjoy it on its own and still have a great experience of the senses.

Food tours are organized all across Italy to discover the best dishes and products this country has to offer, and cheese is no exception. You can see where it is produced, and visit the facilities while it is being made. You can go to tasting sessions and enjoy these delicious products, even moments after they have been finished. You can buy some to eat later, and even learn one or two recipes and tricks so you can later use these ingredients at home.

Parmesan cheese tour

Parmesan is one of the most widely known Italian cheeses in the world. It takes many months to produce and is made out of locally produced milk, and the process starts shorty after the milk is collected. It is a very local process mostly performed by families and cooperative factories in the countryside. This gives Italian cheese a very particular feel; it is crafted with love and using centuries old methods and traditions, and you can taste that unique legacy with every single bite you take.

Parmesan cheese is produced in a variety of places, but the original area of production is the region of Parma, hence the name. The Consortium of Parmesan cheese gathers many local Parmesan cheese producers. Other regions where this product is found are Emilia Romagna, and of course, the famous Modena. So if you are near Parma or Modena, you can consider booking a Parmesan cheese tour. Guided visits are available for both tourists and locals, and many are spoken in English, so you can enjoy the experience of seeing how the cheese is made and all the processes it takes to transform local milk into these renowned products. Some guided visits include transportation from your hotel or any other location near the factory, but you can also drive there yourself if you have a car and spare some costs.

The area itself is extremely beautiful, so you can take your chance and stay a couple of days, enjoying the place and all it has to offer. The Italian countryside is picturesque to say the least, and there is good reason why it has become so famous across the world. You can spend a day or two at Modena or any other town of the area. You will find cobblestone streets, nice cafes, memorable landscapes and, of course, the welcoming and merry Italian people making your trip the best of your life. So pack up now and book a Parmesan cheese tour with a few extra activities here and there!

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