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From Spain to France

Europe is wide and full of wonderful places to visit and people to meet. When Britons come to Spain, they quickly realize how different people can be and how many new things they can learn about. The famous "place in the sun" isn't just one or two privileged locations, but plenty of countries and cultures to explore. 

So while you spend your days in Spain, enjoying our beautiful atmosphere and environment, why not take a couple days for an escapade in France? It's literally across the border, you can make it there in the day. And there is good reason why France has become the most famous touristic destination in the world - literally, with over 80 million visitors a year, isn't that number crazy? 

So why would you waste your opportunity to go check it out now that you are so close? You might not have such a chance for a long while, so spare two or three days and go visit the lovely France. There are so many interesting places to see and fun activities to do. Click here for an overview of France's top things to do while there on vacation.


Finding accommodation and food in France

You can't do France in a day. And you shouldn't. There are so many great things there that you should at the very least spend three days to let its trademark atmosphere and feel sink in. So you will need where to sleep and where to eat. There are hotels and accommodation options aplenty, and restaurants that suit every single palate in the entire world. So that's an option for you, going to an hotel or even renting an apartment. But is that your best option? 


People go to hotels all the time when travelling, but they are often standard and lack that characteristic vibe of the place, since they are built to make people from many different countries and backgrounds feel comfortable. If you want to get in closer touch with the French lifestyle, your best option may be to rent a bed and breakfast in France. You could always rent a French apartment. But it can be so expensive! And you will still be by yourselves, so you don't really get in contact with the French people and culture. Same happens with restaurants and all their staged services. So what can you do to get in contact with the true French culture and local French people?

We've come across an amazing website that might be all you need for a great, unforgettable and meaningful stay in France. Yes, all of that. And you can even get in closer contact with the French culture and learn some things, like French cooking! How is that possible?

Let us introduce you to a site we totally adore, called Guest in the City. This is a tourism website with a unique spin on alternative tourism. Here, you will find bed and breakfasts, meals in local homes, cooking classes and many other fun stuff you can do in the country. But what we love about all that's offered on Guest in the City isn't just the fun ideas or great places, but that it's all offered by French locals themselves!


Bed and Breakfast, true French style

There are many nice and fun hosts in France more than willing to go the extra mile to give you a fantastic experience there, sharing with you the culture they grew up with and love from the bottom of their hearts. If you really love France - which you should, because it's awesome in so many ways - then you can't miss this opportunity to get to know it from the inside.

At Guest in the City, French locals in several locations offer to host you at their very homes, lovely places where you can sleep and eat and share nice activities and conversations with them, be it in English or French. If you want to find accommodation in France which also lets you connect with the true essence of everyday French life, then this is perfect for you. In many cases you also get a French style, homemade breakfast you can share with your hosts. Full meals and even cooking classes can also be booked.

Not only are these options interesting, but also very cheap compared with similar services in hotels or apartments. On the Guest in the City website, you will find reviews and ratings on each host posted by previous guests, and book your trip to France in advance. You can pay with your credit card online, which is super convenient for a well planned holiday as well as an improvised escapade - which is where the best memories are forged!


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