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Link Audits

The oldest link audit company that the world trusts to find and remove toxic links.

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Solutions for Webmasters who need a breath of fresh air, who know the industry is full of charlatans.

We have over 10 years history and experience in analysing backlink profiles, we have built a suite of tools able to detect and removal all the toxic links which cause penalties.

We check each and every link using live and current data resources to make sure there is no false information clouding the data making it ambiguous.

We don't just provide reports! We have an entire content management system dedicated to managing the data and we have very powerful link removal tools designed to remove the toxic links we find.

Don't waste money on SEO unless you know your site is not penalized by Google!

Basically, if your site has a Google penalty, no amount of SEO will help it. It’s likely the SEO you have been doing is responsible. We understand what causes penalties and we provide SEO that makes a difference.

Google penalties are massive obstacles for web sites. There are 'Manual Penalties' which means Google notify you, there are also algorithmic penalties (hidden) which makes it difficult to understand the reason for low traffic & positions in the search engine.

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Understanding Google Penalties

Manual Google Penalty

Manual penalties are issued by Google Spam team, No amount of time will remove a manual penalty and a reconsideration request is needed, You need to have a link audit to isolate the problem and take action before any reconsideration can be made.

Algorithmic Google Penalty

Algorithmic penalties are automatically applied if specific criteria is found to any one of the several Google Algorithms. These are usually timed and after x amount of months they will be lifted, if the issues that originally got you the penalty has not be corrected, the penalty will be reapplied.

Read more about Google penalties here.


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